i got a cool skyrim mod that adds a mudcrab follower, and I will order him to steal things while I distract shop keepers by knocking over stuff

it’s pretty great cuz he can pilfer containers too

i remember when my mom had to have my grandpa cosign for a car lease, he didn’t want to say his social security number over the phone cuz he didn’t want the government to intercept it???

i had this problem back when i got the orange box, since my only game to that point was portal. if you go through enough clicking on the steam help you’ll eventually find a place where you can ask them to help with the reset

yeah, luckily i sorted it out with minimal clicking. good to know, tho


i think you only have to answer security question if you don’t know your account name or password?

good thing my roomate gave me his netbook the other day, cuz I was able to use it to reset my password w/out signing out of steam. I didn’t even have to answer a security question apparently/?

also you have to fucking log out and do it thru the application to reset using your security question?? i’ve been logged in forever so yeah idk bout that

i cannot remember my steam password and my security question is from like 8 years ago so, wuhoh

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they call it a “restroom” but if you actually lie down to rest you have made a mistake

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wouldn’t it be interesting if the community surrounding videogames could stop being a toxic garbage pit for like a week?


or even a day?

kill all nerds

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