>new alone in the dark game
>4 player co-op


遺伝子組み換え蚕が生み出すクモの糸「モンスターシルク」 « WIRED.jp


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Antonio Muñoz Degrain - Memories of Granada (1881)

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hmm. it sounds slightly familiar, but no i dont think i have. i guess its worth a try. ive gotten into war thunder recently, what do you think of that game?

hm have not tried it i think I installed because my cousin plays sometimes, i would be willing to give it a try

ayy scratch that, there’s totally another working port on the front for my tablet

mistomaxo replied to your post “i think ive reinstalled windows like 5 times on 2 seperate computers…”


misto have you heard of free game from 2007 called Darkwind: war on wheels? it is free and is some kinda strange turn based car battle game

mistomaxo replied to your post “short form; abloo blloo bloo”


hard to articulate, it always seems more dire than it is when I try I guess

ALSO i can;t figure out how the fuck to install xkit for tumbls again so I can’t respond to comments proper like i used to

nevamind figged it out

downside to new setup seems to be that it completely broke my skyrim setup and I guess I have to reinstall most my games, and it doesn’t have enough usb ports for everything all at once

short form; abloo blloo bloo