fucked up that i played thru morrowind in it’s entirety on the original xbox tho, those load screens were BRUTAL but I had pizza rolls, man

i think like every half-year i have a strong urge to play morrowind, but it always inevitably ends up with me downloading mods and never actually playing the game because even just a few make the game even MORE buggy. i’ll probably wait for openMW to be finished


That explains why he got so buff and wailed on that boulder. Revenge. 

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dark souls 2 kinda fucky

lifegems + bonfire teleporting + more item farming are missteps IMO, overall a game of comparable quality to the first but idk it’s less enjoyable to replay ?


i just want to remind everyone that there was an episode of jimmy neutron where carl got butt pregnant


i fucking hated jimmy neutron

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why cant rest

idk i just can’t really fall asleep so well and then I can’t stay asleep at all, im not really sure theres any good reason

man like my eyes are heavy and tired but i can’t rest or really focus on anything

idk i can;t stay asleep for more than 3 hours lately had a 3 day weekend and maybe slept a total of 10 hours across all 3 nights and it’s just ehh

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space adventure cobra fucking ruled

shit that’s right, that was one of the shows you were bloggin bout that I was gonna check out cause it looked rad as fuck