ah yes, skyrim periodically crashing to desktop within the blink of an eye, rendering no error message; This signals an end of my interest in the game a 6th time

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my kind of skyrim

maybe this is what i’m missing

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mistomaxo replied to your post “idk i keep trying but i just can’t get into skyrim at all, still”

perhaps ur not in a swords+fantasy mood. i cycle thru genre/setting interests sometimes. u can always try again some other time

idk but that’s the thing, i totally am and i dunno. i think skyrim just holds no magic for me

drive was a weird movie because it’s kinda chill and whatever at first and then suddenly about a third of the way thru the movie, people start getting killed in horribly graphic ways without any buildup or fanfare

idk i keep trying but i just can’t get into skyrim at all, still

listening to my bosnian co-worker explain the new 300 movie was easily the highlight of my evening

overall lime cucumber gatorade was not a wholly pleasant flavour experience

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